I Keep Seeing 11:11 Do You?

Dear 11:11 Seeker,

Do you keep seeing 11:1 and other number sequences such as 1:11, 111 and 11:11 everywhere? Microwaves, oven timers, receipts,license plates, car mileage counters, road signs…
Have you ever wondered or asked yourself:
Why me?
Is it a Coincidence?
What Does it Want?
What Does it Mean?
What Do I Do Next?
If so then this book is made for you!
I Keep Seeing 11:11 Do You? Is an exploration and interactive guide that aids you on your personal journey. It offers useful tools and
real life anecdotes to help you understand what 11:11 means to you and how you can use it in your everyday life. It is like no other
book out there. Interesting, positive, thought provoking and a book that you won’t be able to put down!
Are you curious to know more about what all this means and why it is happening to you? If so, your eyes are in the right place. All the
answers now lie in the palm of your hands. What do you do?
Read me and find out.
Love 11:11 xxx