Hi, my name is Natasha Nanda, and as some of you may know from my stories, my phone is currently on its way out.
I use my phone predominately for:
-Creating Tik Tok Videos

-Uploading them on TikTok

-Replying to Comments on Tik Tok

-Replying to Emails

-Taking Bookings

My Current Situation:

I am currently a Single Mother of two amazing children.

I work when the children are at school and I do what I love full-time as a job, (if you can even call it that.)
But, it pays the bills, helps me buy food and clothes and at the same time, I am able to help people on their grief journey and help touch many people’s hearts. I love this with a passion.

Unfortunately, being a single mother and having gone through several court cases, my finances are limited. I have one more court case to go in June and I am working hard to save to pay for a barrister, solicitor, and legal fees. (It’s an extortionate amount of money!) Whilst, paying towards child care needs (which is also extortionate!)

I have already spent over 40k on legal costs – which I had to use from my children’s savings accounts and I have 10k to raise between now and June.
I am doing pretty well saving that last 10k, whilst paying out all the costs of living and I am proud that I have been able to fund this on my own, so far. However, taking a chunk of over 1k out of my court case savings is a lot considering my last course case is in June. My window period of saving is limited.

Obviously, the Universe likes to throw in curve balls and so much money is going out on other things that I have not factored in, such as school trips away, getting my car fixed, things breaking, and basic things to live. Not to mention the increase in the cost of living, such as gas, electricity, and food bills.

Now, my laptop and phone are on the blink and I need this to work. I am so scared I am going to lose everything and be off tik tok for a short period of time if I don’t get this issue sorted. I have been pushing it to one side for a while now, but I feel like I can’t anymore!

Luckily, the universe threw me a lifeline, and someone who was so kind, donated an old laptop to me, which I am so grateful for.

However, I now need a phone and I need a phone that has good quality for me making videos, that will last a few years like my old one. The phone would be the Apple 14 iPhone Pro Max which is the best for content creators.

The phone will be used for Creating my Tiktok content.

I am reaching out to ask if anyone could help to contribute towards this because I am hanging on by a thread, trying to pay my legal fees and I am reaching out for help.

I am not usually someone who asks for help, but my guides are saying, there is no shame to ask. It has taken a lot of time and a lot of courage to write this and share it!

I ask, If you could possibly donate even pennies, dimes, pounds, or dollars, it all adds up!
If you can’t don’t worry, you can:

-Send some positive vibes my way-Ask the Universe to help me out

I am a huge believer in manifestation and I am hoping you can help me manifest this into my life.

Thank you so much

Natasha Nanda xx