If you would like to book a session then please email natashananda1111@gmail.com

All of us have Angels that are accompanying us each day in our lives. Using Angel Cards and my abilities to connect with the guidance, I will receive a message that is for you and pass it on via written message.

There is no question needed for this. The Angels will pick up on what message you are meant to receive. Sometimes, when giving a reading, extra cards can flip, or I will be drawn intuitively to other cards. This means further guidance needs to be given, if this occurs, you will not be charged!

If you require any further or additional information regarding this offer please don’t hesitate to contact me before your purchase. Delivery of your reading will be via email, with a fast response time (within 24hrs).

During your purchase for this reading please include the following details:

Instructions on how to get your reading

Please send me, along with your payment:
• Your Full Name
• Your Date of Birth
• Your Email address to where your personal reading can be sent
These details above are used solely for the purposes of establishing a closer connection to your energy during your reading. Your personal details will not be passed on. Your email address will only be used to contact you about your reading, any future readings offers available.

This Reading is provided for the purposes of entertainment and whatever choices you make are based purely on your own free will. Although the answers I provide have been given high regards in feedback, I can only say what I Feel, Sense, and see into your situation. Readings are for over 18’s Only.

I do not provide quick fixes, unfortunately we have all have challenges to face up to in life to enable us to move on in life. I am here to assist you on your journey, almost as if by providing you a “local map”. I look forward to reading for you!

Refund Policy on this item

As this item is a personally created product based your personal preferences, the time take to conduct your reading is in lieu of your kind payment received with thanks. No refunds issued once your chosen reading has been created.