Seeing 11:11, 1111, 111, or 1:11 can stir up a whirlwind in your mind. You ask yourself questions like…

What does 11:11 mean?

Why do I keep seeing 1111?

Why me?” 

Do You See 11:11, 1111, 111, 1:11 Everywhere? Where do you see it? Does this ever happen to you…

You see these numbers literally Everywhere!

And then one day you decide to dig deeper and find out what seeing 11:11, 1111, 111,and 1:11 means and you begin your 11:11 Journey into looking into 1111, in much more depth (and some of you probably wish you didn’t). Yes, it now creates more questions, than it does answers!?!?!

Your search leads you to asking google questions about “What 1111 means? Why do I keep seeing 11:11?” And then you open up pandoras box to countless interpretations and theories of 11:11. The only way I can express how I felt when I did this was…

“What a mind fcuk!” I totally understand, at this point your mind is probably feeling a little numb or you are pulling your hair out, having a deep urge to scream with frustration. Well do not fear, Natasha Nanda is here!

Let me attempt to iron out those feelings you may have and explain to you “What 11:11 Means.”

I am going to be honest with you and you may want to kick my ass into tomorrow, as the answer to your question may not be what you expected. But I am authentic in my writing, so here goes….

The definition of 11:11 is…There is NO solid or universal definition. Yes, I am sorry to say, you will not find a clear and concise definition to what 11:11 means in the dictionary or even on Wikipedia. All you will find is lots of different meanings behind it. Confused? Do not worry, you are not the only one who feels confused with the bombardment of information out there. I too, felt the same on my journey with 1111.

The truth is, there is no specific meaning for seeing 11:11. The reason why, is because 11:11 is a unique and personal experience. Let me describe this by using an analogy. Take a good look at your fingerprint for a moment. Now ask yourself this… “Has anyone got the exact same fingerprint as me?”

The answer to that is No!Because, each person’s fingerprint is both unique and individual to each person. No print is ever the same, like no 11:11 experience or journey is the same. What 11:11 may mean to you, may be different to what it means to me. Therefore, the interpretation of 11:11 is subject to the interpreter, the interpreter being you!

Yes, I know what your next question probably is, “How do you interpret what 11:11 means?”

The answer to this question resides within us. Our inner self be that the mind, heart body or soul, it acts like a compass and it is our heart that leads the way. We must seek the answers ourselves, by feeling what resonates within our individual hearts. It is our heart, that points us in the right direction. Only then can we take active steps into moving in the right direction, to search until we are content.

We also must, apply the meaning within the contexts of our own lives and belief system. This is where the meaning lies. Once we come away from what it could mean and begin to pay attention to what it wants and what it is communicating (so to speak), the meaning often comes into light. Sometimes, we learn to understand the meaning of 11:11 part way through our journey.

Not all things are understood at the beginning. It is like maths, for example: Do you know what the answer to this equation is?

2– 10= 6
2y= 16

You may know the answer to this question y= 8 but, only if you were familiar with algebra, but if you didn’t know the answer, it’s ok because you can seek to learn and understand. The point is we were not born to know algebra or to know what 1111 means. We must seek the knowledge for ourselves with the aid of external sources.

We may ask others, search the Internet, or read books. But it is this knowledge that aids us to discover the answers we seek. The beauty about the 1111 experience is, it is a personal experience, so you could gain a foundation of knowledge and then go in the direction, with what resonates with you.

The point is, if you want to know what 11:11 means, you must actively do something about it. Yes, it can take time, but have patience. For patience is a virtue derived through time.

If 1111, 11:11, 111, 1:11 pops up out of the blue several times a day, incisively trying to get your attention, then it is trying to get your attention for a reason. It has a purpose. Give 11:11 the time it gives you, by actively searching until you find the answers you are looking for. Don’t give up until something resonates with you, that’s when you have your answer to what 1111 means to you!

Learn to embrace this experience and not fear it, for fear stifles our growth and prevents us from seeking the answers we so desperately desire.

For me 11:11 is like the light that illuminates the path we walk on. You are not alone in this experience. Remember millions of others feel like their losing their marbles, but they are not. This is a global phenomenon, so if you do think you are going mad, then so are millions of other people! So, you really are NOT alone!